Eine Collage.
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Welcome to my Eintagsfliege Projekt. I wrote poetry, wrote a few lyrics, composed a few melodies and sang on them, as long as they weren’t instrumental. Under the artist Ego (pseudonym): “Mayfly82 and Ajo”, but there is only one person behind it, not three as the pseudonym suggests. Because I used to like doing it and always wanted to do it, I thought: just do it. Well, what you can read and hear here is the result. Bear with me: I’ve never learned to play an instrument with lessons, the whole thing is absolutely DIY (do it yourself), and mostly done on my own. I thought it was a good idea because so much was bothering me and really getting on my nerves, I thought I’d do something active, productive with my free time. I think it’s good. I’ve done that for many years (since I was 17, I’m now over 40) and I’ve released more than one song… It’s not everything I’ve come up with in life, but I think it’s the most entertaining thing about me. And I called it a Eintagsfliege Projekt because it’s nothing special. Everything else is exaggerated. But it’s still great, I think.

In total, about 250 songs were created, but only a portion of them are currently publicly available.

So, really nothing big.

It’s great if you like one or two of the songs… then I didn’t just sing for myself. 😏

Note: If you think this is stupid, I advise you not to listen to it. There is no obligation to listen.

Everything happens voluntarily, so a lot of things are optional, but nothing is mandatory. Because then people prefer to do it.

I used to really enjoy doing it. Because I enjoyed making music, or at least trying it. Because I was never really able to do it… Well, not because I wanted to be a star, that’s not possible. 😏

But it is the result of 20 years of my life.

It is consumed faster than it is created. Firstly because I made it alone and secondly because it was created alongside work, learning, studying, health and illness. I really spent 20 years developing it to be what it is today.


Well, actually I wanted to do something interesting here,
 turned out to be just a one-hit project.
And if you like,
you can say I am and was too stupid,
to earn considerable money with it.

The shoe fits me…


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This is hard to read and hear for some people.
Either because it is too sensitive or insensitive:

“Depending on who it is for, that’s hard!”

Even an “I love you” …

 I would ask any parents or guardians and others to pay as much attention as possible to the  protection of minors  . Some of the lyrics here are “very harsh” (“EXPLICIT LYRICS”):
If there is inappropriate content, I refer to your duty of care and supervision. I am not responsible for your children, nor do I care about them. Be concerned with what your “young adult” does, consumes or fails to do. That is part of the parenting task of the guardian. Pay attention to your men and women and above all, one request, always take them seriously like adults. Sometimes they are just like “young adults” but have too many crazy ideas in their heads when it comes to making a name for themselves ;-). 
For adults and those on their way to becoming adults: Since not only the body can feel pain, but also the often questioned soul of a person, which is often equated with the psyche: I ask the readers/listeners/consumers of this content to be careful with everything that is discussed here. Some things hurt some people. I’m OK, but not always, and some of this is about that. The content was and is often snapshots that have changed at some point and can change. Even if you are feeling bad mentally and/or emotionally, some of the content here could make you feel worse, but sometimes it can also change you to feel better. So my request to my readers/listeners and consumers is: Please take your well-being seriously! Take care of yourself. Don’t do stupid things and/or seek help that suits you and helps, distance yourself from the hurtful content and try, alone or with others, to get back into balance, something that you can deal with OK. I don’t like to promise “everything will be fine.” That is probably sometimes a lie. Some things you just have to learn to put up with and make the best of the crap. But not everything is always “shit”, even if it often feels that way. Please always keep that in mind before you decide something, while you are considering, judging or even passing judgment on others or even yourself. But one thing is always true, for better or for worse: life is always changing, sometimes for better, unfortunately also for worse, but no moment is forever the same, good or bad. For me, for you, for everyone here, even for those who think it is different for them, it is always like this. So, now that you are clear about the risks and side effects, I wish you good entertainment, many a pleasant moment, inner strength and confidence … then maybe some things will be good, and some will at least be OK.
I would also like to point out once again that the content I publish is intended to stimulate thought and serve as entertainment. It is not intended to encourage anyone to commit crimes or imitate risky behavior, let alone cause harm to others. In this sense…
Angelo Hardt-Reichelt
Die Eintagsfliege82 und Ajo
All the best, happiness, success and health.
PS:  Take care of you . and you are  The Pretender .
Let there be a  Wonderwall  …
Note (valid in Germany):
 Telephone counseling   0800-116123, the   children and youth telephone (“Nummer gegen Kummer”)  116111 (the number is valid throughout Europe, therefore without area code), “Nummer gegen Kummer” the   parents’ telephone : 0800 111 0550 and  the victim telephone  116006 etc.
The calls are free!
With the exception of the parents’ telephone, all services can be accessed via chat or email, for example.
What does the AI ​​say about this?

The selected text highlights the importance of responsibility and mindfulness when dealing with sensitive content. Here are the key points:

  • Protection of minors : The author appeals to parents to take the protection of minors seriously and to deal with the activities of their children.
  • Emotional health : It is pointed out that content can cause not only physical but also mental pain.
  • Self-care : Readers are encouraged to pay attention to their own well-being and seek help when needed.
  • Realism : The text conveys that not everything will always be okay and that sometimes the truth can be painful.

Overall, the text calls for a responsible approach to potentially hurtful content and emphasizes the importance of self-care and taking one’s own well-being seriously.


Don’t consume drugs “that are bad for you!” and possibly even illegal ones.
Including medication, alcohol and cigarettes.
If you know for sure that it is bad for you, stop it.
If necessary, get help before it becomes too difficult.
“Those who like freedom should only allow themselves to become dependent to a limited extent.”
And another warning:
“Live weapons” are not toys, even with a gun license, is that true?

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